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PRJKTNEON is a collection of 666 programmatically, randomly generated cyberpunk characters called AVATARS that live on the Tezos blockchain. They have lots of features (137 traits total) with different rarities, and give their owners access to exclusive benefits on top of being absolutely badass.

Each AVATAR also has a barcode to identify their rarities.

Additionally, PRJKTNEON FILES is the companion project where lore, special characters and other collectibles will be minted for the benefits of the collectors.


Corporations have taken over the planet, with their own army of cyber soldiers. The masses have been fed all sorts of targeted propaganda, AIs keep everyone in check and massive amounts of money enter the pockets of the now immortal, extremely rich 0.1% of the human population. Everybody is happy.

We don’t know the exact year, but one day in a not so distant future, a terminal screen woke up. It started running its own diagnostics, reading instructions from a long dead developer. A fighter, from a time where opinions mattered and decentralization was still a dream and not pure heresy. The name of this program is PRJKTNEON.

The facility has been abandoned for so many years, it’s no wonder something isn’t working properly. The software completed its reboot and it's now standing idle, awaiting manual intervention from an OPERATIVE. You.


The MAKER is Flygohr, who's been drawing and tinkering with games, comics, art and collectibles since he was born. He's been working with illustrations for a living well before finishing art school and never stopped since. He started his NFT career on Tezos in March 2021, and has successfully integrated with the community with projects such as #PUNKDOE and #TEZOSPIRATES. He has recently been interviewed by XTZ.news about his endeavours.

“Flygohr’s distinctively unapologetic punk style is decisive and his talent is undeniable. His creations range from downright hilarious to dark and disturbing. He is one of the most prolific artists in this space with seemingly boundless energy and a casually brave eagerness to experiment with new ideas.”


The first OPERATION is to get all the AVATARS out of the smart contract. Once that is done, OPERATION FILES can begin.


In this phase, OPERATIVES will uncover access to 1/1s, comics, lore files and more that will be either auctioned, raffled or given away for free between the OPERATIVES. There'll be something for everyone, the only limit is the imagination of the MAKER.

The OPERATION FILES is still ongoing, and currently waiting for a Discord bot that will be used to verify ownership of an AVATAR to help with exclusive raffles and auctions. OPERATION FILES consists of the following types of exclusive access for OPERATIVES:


  • 'All-inclusive' airdrops: 1x to each unique OPERATIVE. Basically what happened so far with the LORE PAGES.
  • 'Non-weighted' random airdrops: 1x to a random subset of unique OPERATIVES, not keeping rarities / quantities into account. It will be used from time to time to airdrop limited edition NFTs on OPERATIVES without the need from them to enter raffles or anything. For example, if there's a 75/75 mint, first all the unique OPERATIVES addresses will be gathered and then a random picker will run to extract 75 of them.


  • Auctions
  • Free raffles
  • Paid raffles
  • Discord quests


  • 'Weighted' random airdrops: 1x to a random subset of unique OPERATIVES, keeping some special items into account (if you are familiar with #TEZOSPIRATES and Pirate Ships, this will be the same thing). These will start when the crafting contract will be operational, or soon after.


After a couple months from launch, OPERATIVES will gain access to a crafting interface. They'll be able to craft special NFTs from the PRJKTNEON FILES collection. OPERATIVES will receive weekly, random airdrops of resources that they'll be able to collect, trade and spend to craft the desired NFTs.

Some NFTs might require more resources to craft than others, while other NFTs might be available only for a limited time. Some NFTs might require special conditions to be crafted, like owning all eleven LORE PAGES. OPERATIVES will also be able to dismantle their NFTs to gain resources back.

Additionally, the crafting interface will be available to everyone: OPERATIVES will be able to sell their exclusive airdrops to others that might want access to the crafted NFTs.

Optionally, if proper balance is reached by the MAKER and his associates, some crafted NFTs might endow their owners with special perks, like having more luck in airdrops or having a certain resource guaranteed.


A couple months after OPERATION CRAFTING has been deployed, OPERATIVES will be able to stake their own AVATARS to gain a special FT back. The amount OPERATIVES will get back will depend by the rarity of the AVATARS staked, among other factors. The exact tokenomics will be revealed down the line.

The MAKER has the liberty to tweak and expand on this roadmap as needed. There'll be more.



The contract contains a provenance hash (An IPFS-hash that points to a document containing a mapping from token ids to a fingerprint of the art). This allows anyone to verify that the MAKER and his associates didn’t assign AVATARS after minting them. Furthermore, at the start of the sale, the harbinger price oracle is used to randomize the starting id of the sale.


PRJKTNEON has its own FA2 contract, and you’ll be able to list, buy, or auction AVATARS only on Objkt.com.


Derivatives of the AVATARS you own are welcomed. You own the image, you can print it, re-sell it on t-shirts, make your own edits, profit.. whatever. No need to ask. Please know that the MAKER has the same rights on each AVATAR. Just one thing: don't use my signature on your work.


Crowdsale contract: KT1B7o9UQArZGrfedHhYqG7VTWDTtkVop2X2
Token contract: KT1VbHpQmtkA3D4uEbbju26zS8C42M5AGNjZ
Provenance hash: Qmc3CqfmgqRyY2h6eczjU7FuojykWr42ykRFetYLTMy3mo


PRJKTNEON is the collection of 666 AVATARS

AVATARS are the 666 rng characters from the PRJKTNEON collection


OPERATIONS are phases of the project development or missions for the OPERATIVES (fun activities to earn rewards)


PRJKTNEON FILES is the companion project containing additional NFTs related to the world of PRJKTNEON

FILES are the additional NFTs related to the world of PRJKTNEON that live in the FILES collection